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Finding information

How to find information for your assessments, and how to get the most out of your sources once you've found them.

Scholarly articles & peer review

What you can learn from this page:

  • What the terms scholarly and peer-reviewed mean.
  • The parts of a scholarly article.
  • How to identify peer-reviewed journals.

What is a scholarly article?

Scholarly articles, also known as academic articles, are written by academics or experts and published in the professional field.

The structure of a scholarly article includes:

  • A title
  • The authors' names and affiliated institutions (like UOW, for example)
  • The abstract (a short summary of the article)
  • The introduction
  • Data (such as graphs and charts)
  • The body (where the article's argument is explored in depth using in-text references)
  • The conclusion
  • A list of references

What does it mean to be peer-reviewed?

A peer-reviewed journal article has been read and approved by experts in that field before publishing. This makes them high-quality sources of information.

This video explains the peer-review process for journals.

Video Transcript

Use Ulrichsweb

Use Ulrichsweb to check whether a journal is peer-reviewed and for other useful information about the journal.

This video shows you how to access and use Ulrichsweb.

Video Transcript