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Finding information

How to find information for your assessments, and how to get the most out of your sources once you've found them.

How to use Library SEARCH

What you can learn from this page:

  • What SEARCH is and how to use it.

What is UOW Library SEARCH?

Library SEARCH is the UOW Library's main search engine. It accesses many databases at the same time so you'll get results for scholarly journal articles, books and ebooks.

If you get too many search results, try these techniques for planning your search more effectively.

Our collection also includes:

  • archival material
  • audio recordings (CDs)
  • charts & posters
  • flash cards
  • games
  • kits (boxes filled with like objects)
  • maps
  • music scores
  • realia (real life things used for instruction)
  • software
  • toys
  • video recordings (DVDs)

You can find these items using SEARCH. Look under Source Type and select the type of item you're after.