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Finding information

How to find information for your assessments, and how to get the most out of your sources once you've found them.


Here are the most important things you need to know.

Scholarly articles & peer-review

Plan your search

  • Your information should be scholarly
  • Find quality information through searching
  • Use searching techniques to get the best results

Library SEARCH

  • SEARCH is the Library's search engine

Books & ebooks

  • Find books and ebooks using filters in SEARCH
  • We use the Dewey Decimal Classification system
  • Read ebooks online for the best functionality

Journals & journal articles

Other material

  • We have popular dictionaries, thesauri and encyclopedias
  • We also have CDs, maps, games and more


Google Scholar

Evaluating information

  • Not everything you find will be useful, valid or accurate
  • Use the CRAAP test to check currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and purpose

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