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APA7 Guide

In text citation

  • If the book is a digital source and you need to identify the DOI, you can do so by searching for it at



            (Author, Year)


            Author (Year)

For example:

Markets are the situations within which products are sold and they are influenced by different types of factors (Oppenheim & Mulcahy, 2004).

Fredricks and McCloskey (2012) point out that studies into emotional engagement in schools consider emotional engagement to be positive and negative reactions or identification with the school, for example, belonging, feeling valued and appreciated.

Direct quote (page number/s must be included)


            (Author, Year, p./pp. Page number/s)


            Author (Year, p./pp. Page number/s)

For example:

"The initial focus of any marketing project is the product that will attract customers, be sold, generate profits and garner new business” (Oppenheim & Mulcahy, 2004, p. 42).

Benesch (2001, p. 6) stated that English for academic purposes (EAP) was "more rhetorical in focus".

Reference list


Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (year). Title of book. Publisher Name. OR http://xxxx

For example:

eBook with DOI:

Doyle, C. (2016). A dictionary of marketing (4th ed.). Oxford University Press.

eBook without DOI:

Oppenheim, M. R., & Mulcahy, W. D. (2004). Marketing information: A strategic guide for business and finance libraries. Routledge.