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APA7 Guide

How to use this guide

This guide provides general principles of citing with APA7 in the first two sections on in-text citations and the referencing list. These will introduce you to the basic techniques of citing and referencing in this style.

You should familiarise yourself with these sections as they will help you master APA7.

The elements you include in an in-text citation or reference list entry and how you arrange them can differ depending on the type of source you are using. To help you with this, specific examples are organised throughout the guide according to source type, such as books, journals, and websites. Consult these sections when you need guidance on how to cite and reference a particular type of source.

Remember: learning is a process, and referencing is no different. If you require ongoing support with referencing, make sure to reach out to your subject lecturer or tutor. Referencing help can also be sought via Academic Skills and Study Support. Links are provided below.

Academic Skills and Study Support: