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APA7 Guide

In text citation

  • In cases where there is a corporate author – such as in the examples below where a government department is the author – list the level of government that the department comes under. In the example listed below, the author is the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which is a department of the Australian Federal Government.



            (Organisation OR Author, Year)


            Organisation OR Author (Year)

For example:

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (2017) provides a clear outline of Australian foreign policy in their most recent white paper.

The New South Wales government (2021) has created a strategy intended to improve relationships between Aboriginal Australians and state government customer service outlets.

Direct quote (page number/s must be included)


            (Organisation OR Author Year, p./pp. Page number/s)


            Organisation OR Author (Year, p./pp. Page number/s

  • Remember, use “p.” for citations referring to a single page, and “pp.” for those citing multiple pages.

For example:

“The Government is publishing this White Paper to chart a clear course for Australia at a time of rapid change” (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2017, p. 1).

“The strategy lays the foundation for actions that will result in genuine and on-going engagement with Aboriginal people and communities” (Department of Customer Service, 2021, p.10).

Reference list


Organisation. OR Author, A. A. (Year). Title of document: Subtitle. Publishing body. https://xxxx

For example:

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. (2017). 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper. Australian Federal Government.

Department of Customer Service. (2021). Aboriginal Customer Engagement Strategy: 2021-2025. New South Wales Government.