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APA7 Guide

In text citation

Australian Parliamentary debates and proceedings are recorded in an official document called the Hansard. Referencing these discussions requires you to list the jurisdiction (i.e. specific state government, federal government, etc) and the chamber (Senate, Legislative Council or House of Representatives).

Jurisdictions have abbreviations to shorten their names. The following list contains the abbreviations for each Australia parliamentary jurisdiction.

  • The Commonwealth government – i.e. the Federal government – is abbreviated as ‘Cth’.
  • Australian Capital Territory – abbreviation = ‘ACT’
  • New South Wales – abbreviation = ‘NSW’
  • Northern Territory – abbreviation = ‘NT’
  • Queensland – abbreviation = ‘Qld’
  • South Australia – abbreviation = ‘SA’
  • Tasmania – abbreviation = ‘Tas’
  • Victoria – abbreviation = ‘Vic’
  • Western Australia – abbreviation = ‘WA’



            (Jurisdiction, Year)


            Jurisdiction (Year)

For example:

The member for Adelaide raised concerns that pharmacists were not being adequately supported in the delivery of vaccinations (Commonwealth, 2021).

Direct quote (page number/s must be included)


            (Jurisdiction, Year, p./pp. page number/s)


            Jurisdiction (Year, p./pp. page number/s)

For example:

“If we’re serious about rolling out the booster vaccinations, we should look at remunerating pharmacists accordingly” (Commonwealth, 2021, p. 6).

Reference list


Jurisdiction. Parliamentary Debates. Chamber. Day Month Year. Web address


Commonwealth. Parliamentary Debates. House of Representatives. 23 November 2021.;fileType=application%2Fpdf