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Audio-visual media

Audio-visual media often does not have an identifiable author in the same way that written sources do. In these cases, the person you should list as the author often has a different title. To identify which figure you should cite as the author, consult the list below.

Media Type

Film – list the Director as the author.

TV series – list the Executive Producer(s) as the author(s).

TV series episode – list the Writer and Director of the episode as the authors.

Podcast – list the Host or Executive Producer as the author.

Podcast episode – list the Host of episode as the author.

Webinar – list the Instructor as the author.

Classical music album or song – list the Composer as the author.

Modern music album or song – list the Recording artist as the author.

Artwork – list the Artist as the author.

Online streaming video – list the Person or Group who uploaded the video.

Photograph – list the Photographer as the author.