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In text citation

  • If you are citing an image from a printed source, reference the printed source as normal and use a page number in your in-text citation to indicate which page the image comes from.



                                    (Artist last name Year published, p. number)

        • Use page number if the image is in a collection/ art book. If it is a solo artwork page numbers are not required.


Gormley’s (1984) Angel of the North is a significant landmark of north London.

A key example of impressionist artwork can be seen in Gaunt’s work (1970, p. 17)

Reference list


Artist last name, Artist initials Year published, Artwork title, Publisher, publishing location.

        • Art can often be created independently of any publisher – such as the second example below – in these cases this information can be left out of the reference.


Gaunt, W 1970, The impressionists, Thames & Hudson, London.

Gormley, A 1988, Angel of the North, London.