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In text citation

  • Only include the names of the editor(s) of an edited book in an in-text citation if you’re citing the edited book as a whole rather than referring to a particular chapter or essay in the book.
  • Likewise, only include the edited book as a standalone entry in the reference list if you have cited the editor(s) in-text.



                                    (ed. Editor’s last name Year of publication)

        • For multiple editors use ‘eds’ (without a full stop) instead of ‘ed.’.
        • Write ‘ed.’ and ‘eds’ in lower case letters.


According to McGrew and Poku (eds 2007) there are many contributors to globalisation.

Hinduism is one of the most popular religions in the current age (Flood ed. 2003).

Direct quote


                                    (ed. Editor’s last name Year of publication, p. Page number)

  • For multiple editors use ‘eds’ (no full stop) instead of ‘ed.’.
  • Write ‘ed.’ and ‘eds’ in lower case letters.
  • Include the specific page number/s to indicate where the words you have quoted appear in the source.
  • Use double quotation marks to show the exact words of the original source.


"Human security is an essential focus of policy" (eds McGrew & Poku 2007, p. 8).

According to Flood (ed. 2003, p. 5), "Hinduism is not defined by one set of rules or text".

Reference list


Editor’s last name, Editor’s initials (ed.) Year of publication, Book title, Edition number edn, Publisher, Location of publication.

  • Use the abbreviation ‘ed.’ (with full stop) for a single editor and ‘eds’ (no full stop) for more than one editor.
  • Use the abbreviation edn (no full stop) for edition.
  • Write ed., eds and edn in lower case letters.


McGrew, A & Poku, NK (eds) 2007, Globalization, development and human security, Polity, Cambridge, UK.

Flood, G (ed.) 2003, The Blackwell companion to Hinduism, Blackwell, Oxford.