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In text citation

  • If there is no author begin the reference with the title of the document
  • Include page numbers in-text if it is a long document
  • Use n.d. if there is no date
  • Unless expressly permitted to do so, you must not use work or text generated by an artificial intelligence (AI) tool. If you are permitted to use an AI tool for this purpose, you must include proper acknowledgement. Until formal guidelines are in place, please use the software and apps referencing and citing conventions to acknowledge such use of an AI tool.



                                    (Author’s last name Year published)


The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2010) found that more Australian youth are unable to find work in 2010 than in 2008.

People often don't know the correct usage of 'effect' and 'affect' (Merriam-Webster 2022).

Direct quote


(Author’s last name Year published p. number)


Following the intensification of the GFC, the economy has weakened markedly" (Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2010, p. 5)

"Affect and effect are two of the most commonly confused words in English" (Merriam-Webster 2022)

Reference list


For website:

Author’s last name, Author’s initials Year site created or edited, Website name, Publisher, viewed day month year, <URL>.


For Online document:

Author’s last name, Author’s Initial Year of publication, Document title, Publisher, viewed day month year, <URL>.


Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2010, Issues Paper Youth Employment, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, viewed 15 December 2010, <>.

Oliver, M 2018, The Story of Tarrare, all that’s interesting, viewed 29 November 2021, <>.

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