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In text citation

  • Identifying elements such as patent numbers should be included
  • If no individual author is available, a corporate author can be used in the In-text citation



                                    (Author’s last name Year published)


The particle trap design is engineered for speed and reliability (Cookson 1985)

Direct quote


                                    (Author’s last name Year published, p. Page number)


“Quality insulation in a perquisite for all aspects of the particle trap” (Cookson 1985, p.7)

Reference list

  • For patents the title may be more of a descriptive title rather than a formal title


Author’s last name, Author initials Year published, Patent title, patent number.


Cookson, AH 1985, Particle trap for compressed gas insulated transmission systems, US Patent 4554399.

Mccallum, JM 2008, Method for and composition of excipient suitable for use in herbal formulations and formulations derived therefrom, Australian Patent AU 2008100919, viewed 8 December 2008, SciFinder Scholar.