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In text citation

  • The following details are required for in-text and reference citations:
    • the name of the case
    • the year or volume number, or both
    • the page on which the report of the case begins
    • The name of the case is italicised.


(Title of Case, (Year) volume number, Abbreviated reference series, Starting page)


In the case of Mabo v. Queensland (no. 2) (1992) 175 CLR1, there a number of statements were read.


The case, Jones v. Sherlock (2009) NSWSC 246 showed that a number of inconsistencies were present.


In Northern Sandblasting Pty Ltd v. Harris (1997) 188 CLR 313 at 334 the High Court held that the landlord was in breach of a contractual duty of care owed to the tenants and to their family.

Direct quote

The judge in R v Ramage (2004) VSC 508 stated the "The Court cannot allow unannounced evidence".

Pinpoint Reference

  • If you are referring to a particular page of the judgment, include a ‘pinpoint reference’ to the actual page in the in-text citation. Use the word ‘at’ instead of p

For pinpoint references (also known as units of division) where only specific divisions of are intended to be cited, this in written as below:

Section 2 of Mabo v. Queensland (no. 2) …


In ss. 2-5 of Mabo v. Queensland (no. 2) …


In s. 2 of Mabo v. Queensland (no. 2) …

The abbreviations of s. for singular divisions or ss. for multiple division can be used in place of “Section” however, the abbreviations must not be used to start a sentence

Reference list

  • The year is enclosed in parentheses. Square brackets are used when there is no volume number and the year is an integral part of the title, i.e., square brackets indicate that the Year of publication is the volume number
  • Do not include URLs for cases found online


Name of case (Year) Volume number, abbreviated reference series, Starting page.


R v. Ramage (2004) VSC 508.

Chappel v Hart (1998) HCA 55.

Mabo v. Queensland (no. 2) (1992) 175 CLR1.

Jones v. Sherlock (2009) NSWSC 246.

Northern Sandblasting Pty Ltd v. Harris (1997) 188 CLR 313.