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Reference list

  • When citing a later edition of a book you only need to add the edition number followed by “edn” after the book title.
  • In text citations are exactly the same as other books.


Author’s last name, Author’s initials Year of publication, Book title, Edition number edn, Publisher, Location of publication.

  • If you see that a book is a second or later edition, Edition number should be written using an ordinal number followed by edn, e.g. 3rd edn, as shown in the second template above.
  • If a book is not a second or later edition, you do not need to put the Edition number information in the reference, as shown in the first template above.


Killen, R 2009, Effective teaching strategies: lessons from research and practice, 5th edn, Cengage Learning, South Melbourne.

Popinsky, I 2000, Mechanical basics for automotive engineering, 15th edn, Pearson, California.