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In text citation


(Artist’s last name Year published)


In the image above (Jorgensen 2010), you can see vibrant colour usage.

Kamuro (2008) illustrates multiple subjects.

  • When reproducing/including an image in your work, place the in-text citation immediately under the image, see example captions below.

(Sculpture by the sea – Elephant 2009)

(Van Gough 1890)

Reference list

  • For the format description, use ‘Image’ for photographs or graphics.
  • Where the image is a photograph of an artwork, and the photographer has been specifically credited, note this after the title of the artwork.
  • Where the photographer or artist is not known, start your reference with the title of the image.
  • Where none of the usual details are known, i.e., artist/photographer, date, title of image, start with subject of the image.


Artist last name, Artist initials Year published, Artwork title, format, Publisher, viewed Day Month Year, <URL>.


Jorgensen, L 2010, Lighthouse Freezes, image, ABC News, viewed 17 December 2010, <>.

Kamuro (2008) Calmness, image, Flickr viewed 30 June 2010, <>.

Sculpture by the sea – Elephant 2009, image, photographed by A. Wain, Flickr, viewed 4 February 2014, < wain/4091011517/>.