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In text citation

  • Put the ‘title of the article’ in single quote marks followed by the year published (and if using a quote, include the specific page number the quoted words appear on).



                       (Article title Year published)

  • Use the ‘title of the article’ (in place of the author’s name) in the in-text citation.


In the article ‘Restructuring USAID: time to match rhetoric with deeds’ (2010), the author laments the lack of consistency in regard to fulfilled promises in governmental organisations.

Direct quote


(Article title Year published, p. Page number)


"During his campaign Obama made a number of significant commitments" (‘Restructuring USAID: time to match rhetoric with deeds’ 2010, p. 45).

Reference list

  • List the article alphabetically, but by its title rather than by author name, in the reference list.


‘Article title’, Year of publication, Journal name, vol. (volume number), no. (issue number), p./pp. (page number/range).


‘Revisiting gender roles in eighteenth century classics’, 2005, English Literature vol. 165, no. 4, p. 32.

‘Restructuring USAID: time to match rhetoric with deeds’, 2010, The Lancet, vol. 376, no. 9747, p. 1118.