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Environmental awareness will inevitably lead to a better world (Deni Green Consulting Services 2008).

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“Ammonia levels in the surveyed areas were at unusually high levels” (Deni Green Consulting Services 2008, p.56).

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Publisher’s name Year of publication, Book title, edition number edn, Publisher, Location of publication.

  • Where the publisher is also regarded as the author, if appropriate you can use an acronym in place of the full name of the publisher.
    • E.g., Deni Green Consulting Services can be abbreviated to D.G.C.S.


Deni Green Consulting Services 2008, Capital idea: realising value from environmental and social performance, D.G.C.S., North Carlton, Victoria.

NSW Avicultural Society 2002, Catalogue of Common Birds within Greater NSW, NSW Avicultural Society, Tamworth, NSW.