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In text citation

      • If the Author is unknown, the Title can be used in its place for In-text citation



                                    (Author last name, Author initials Year published)


                                    (Gyro 2012)

                                    (My Funny Valentine 1960)

Berger's transcriptions contribute to the increasing jazz literacy of high school jazz bands (Ellington 2005)

Direct quote

If you reproduce musical notation in your work, you must provide a caption and citation.

Reference list


Author last name, Author initials Year published, Title, Location of transcription, Publisher, Location of publication.


Ellington, D 2005, Purple Gazelle, Jazz at Lincoln Center Library, Alfred Publishing, California.

Brown, JR 2012, I’m in Bizness, 54 Below, Sh-K-Boom Records, Inc, New York.