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In text citation

  • ​​Blogs are distinguished from other online sources by the fact that they are often updated and usually focus on a specific or general topic and often be opinion or personality based
  • If no proper name is given, the author’s username may be used instead
  • If the author puts multiple posts up on the same day, include the time the entry was posted. e.g., 12 November 13:53
  • If you are referencing a comment from a weblog, use the name of the commenter instead of the author of the weblog post and use ‘weblog comment’ instead of ‘web log post’ for format. Include the exact title (Including ‘Re:’ if used)
  • If you are using the whole blog and not an individual post, do not include the Blog Post Title and change the format to weblog



                                    (Author’s last name Year published)


Henderson’s weblog post (2010) covers how the meaning of the word conspiracy has changed to mean self-dealing

Direct quote


(Author’s last name Year published, p. Page number)


"The whole idea of a conspiracy is that it takes two or more people conspiring" (Henderson 2010)

Reference list


For entire blog:

Author’s last name, Author’s initials Year, Blog name, format, viewed Day Month Year, <URL>.

For blog post:

Author’s last name, Author’s initials Year, ’Title of Blog post’, Blog name, format, viewed Day Month Year, <URL>.


Henderson, D 2010, 'Has the word ‘conspiracy’ lost its meaning?'Library of Economics and Liberty, weblog post, 13 December, viewed 21 December 2010, <>.

Brunning, A 2021, Compound Interest Chemistry Blog, blog, viewed 18 November 2021, <>.