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In text citation

  • If the Author is unknown, the Title can be used in its place for In-text citation



                                    (Author Year of publication)

                                    Or for a musical piece without an author:

                                    (Music title Publication year)


                                    (Lutz 1864)

                                    (Butterflies en masse 2013)

Sculthorpe's (Faber 1982) Mountains was composed for the Sydney International Piano Competition.

Direct quote

If you reproduce musical notation in your work, you must provide a caption and citation.

Reference list


Author last name, Author initial Year of publication, Title, Publisher, Publisher Location.


Sculthorpe, P 1982, ‘Mountains’, Faber, London.

Johann, K 1874, ‘Waltz in C’, on 3rd Cello Symphony, Symphony, London.