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In text citation

    • Online encyclopaedia or dictionary entries should be cited exactly the same way as print editions. Consult the previous section for guidance.
    • Online sources usually don’t include page numbers unless they are eBooks.

Reference list

    • If you have used a dictionary or encyclopedia from a website include the viewed date and URL.


With author

Author’s last name, Author’s initials, Year of publication, ‘Entry title’, Name of dictionary/ encyclopedia, Publisher, viewed Day Month Year, <URL>.

Without author

‘Entry title’ Year of publication, Name of dictionary/encyclopedia, Year of publication, Publisher, viewed Day Month Year, <URL>.


‘Achilles tendon’ 2000, in Dictionary of phrase and fable, EC Brewer (ed.),, viewed 30 November 2010, <>.

‘flummox’ 2021, in Cambridge dictionary, 2021, Cambridge University Press, viewed 25 November 2021, <>.